Crane Parts


Sourcing has always been OPS' core business. Since 1988 we have been supplying P&H Crane parts for any make of P&H Crane, we specialize in sourcing hard-to-find items.

Genuine OEM

Original Crane parts in original boxes supplied directly from the equipment manufacture.

OEM Vendor

We supply the same exact P&H Crane part the equipment manufacturer supplies but not in genuine OEM boxes. We purchase the P&H Crane parts from the same companies that they purchase from and then pass on a substantial savings to our customer.


If you prefer, we are also able to supply replacement P&H Crane Parts. These P&H Crane parts are manufactured by companies to compete with the P&H Crane equipment manufactures parts business. These P&H Crane parts are generally the least expensive option and are also known as aftermarket spares. Companies which we purchase these P&H Crane parts from guarantee that their P&H Crane parts meet or exceed OEM specifications.